About EdConnect

Founded in 2013 by Dr. Danielle LeSure, EdConnect is a non-profit that assists Metro Atlanta parents wanting a better school option for their children. We specialize in giving parents the resources to identify, explore, and pursue their options through online resources and parent consultations. We share and provide educational sessions, workshops, and other opportunities to help every student excel both inside and outside the classroom, regardless of their background.


Dr. Danielle LeSure found her love for parent outreach while working in a non-profit specializing in school choice. Here, she noticed the growing need for parents in Metro Atlanta to learn of the school options available to them through public school transfers, charters, tax credit scholarships, and special needs scholarships.


She has her Ph.D. in Educational Policy from Michigan State University and B.A. in Educational Studies from Emory University.




Dr. Danielle LeSure is the founder of EdConnect. Here, she works with community organizations and schools to share resources with parents wanting their children to reach their full potential. Prior to this, she served as the Regional Director for the Leadership for Education Equity in Metro Atlanta where she launched the education coalition ONEAtlanta.