Our Work

Who We Are

Founded in 2013 by Dr. Danielle LeSure, EdConnect is a non-profit that assists Metro Atlanta parents wanting a better school option for their children. We specialize in giving parents the resources to identify, explore, and pursue their options through on-line resources and parent consultations.

Dr. Danielle LeSure found her love for parent outreach while working in a non-profit specializing in school choice. Here, she noticed the growing need for parents in Metro Atlanta to learn of the school options available to them through public school transfers, charters, tax credit scholarships, and special needs scholarships.


Why We Do What We Do

Top Reasons EdConnect Families Seek New K-12 Schools

  1. Not being academically challenged (18%)
  2. Feel that the school environment is unsafe (12%)
  3. Student is being bullied in current school (5%)
  4. Relocating to Metro Atlanta and exploring options (2%)
  5. Want a better school option then zoned school (63%)


Parent Coaching Session


Register today for a parent coaching session to learn more about Georgia’s school choice options, which are a match for your child’s needs, and how to pursue them. Upon completing this registration form (5 mins), EdConnect will reach out with next steps for scheduling.


Note: For all calls we discuss one child at a time.


Register here for a parent coaching session:


School Choice Academy 101


This on-line workshop gives an overview of Georgia's school choice options and how to pursue them. The workshop is 30 mins and is followed by Q & A for parents to ask questions or register for coaching sessions.


See below for available dates:

  • Thursday, November 18th @ 7:30pm

  • Thursday, December 9th @ 7:30pm

  • Thursday, January 20th @ 7:30pm


Register here to attend our School Choice Academy 101:



Note: All registered participants will receive an email with zoom instructions to participate in this online workshop.