The day I realized that there was hope for my son to get into a quality school
that would develop him into the black young man I had prayed for him to become,
was the day I attended a workshop that informed me of the opportunities that Ed
Connect was waiting to offer my son and I.

I am a firm believer that God works in mysterious ways and what is for me is
for me! Prior to my son graduating from the 5th grade of 2016, I refused to allow
him to attend the public school that our address is districted for. I heard awful
things about the school he was assigned to attend and was afraid to allow him to
learn in that environment. So, I was anxious to search for a different school before
he graduated. I searched Google over and over trying to find a school that were
known for successful test scores, basketball (my son loves basketball), a foreign
language class, career development, and college readiness. To say the least, the
Google search was a headache trying to find a school that would be convenient and
of quality. It was difficult locating the right school for him because the listings I
came up with were too broad and everything but what I searched for popped up. I
was frustrated but determined.

A couple of days in the Google search; I received a text message about a
parent workshop that was going to occur within a day or two after this extensive
search. I agreed to attend and did not know what was in store for my son and me.
We both attended the Georgia Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) workshop, and
were introduced to Danielle LeSure (Founder of Ed Connect) and she was the
answer to my anxieties!

Ms. LeSure conducted a very informative and detailed presentation on This website was EVERYTHING I NEEDED to select the
perfect school for my son. I selected three schools that had high state ratings
relating to the schools quality. The website allowed me to select EVERYTHING that
I was interested in for my son. Remember, I searched for a school that offered
basketball, college readiness, career development classes, etc.? Well, made the process of searching effortless. I simply selected
what I was interested in and the website did the rest for me! It pulled up schools
that were even better than what I expected! For example, one in particular was
Fulton Leadership Academy (FLA). I have never heard of this school before over
the entire 25 years of living in Atlanta, GA. pulled it right
up with NO HASSELS and IT’S FREE!

I would have never have known what God had in store for my son and I if I
did not attend the workshop to get the information that Ed Connect offered. I
understood how critical it was to invest in my son’s well-being as he was about to
transition into middle school. I was determined to make sure that he receives the
BEST EDUCATION without having to live in an affluent area. I am so grateful to
Ed Connect for making this available to us because without them, my son would not be at the school he was accepted to attend now: Fulton Leadership Academy!

My son is a scholar in the 6th grade at FLA and it is an all-boys public charter school
that focuses on young black men from grades 6-12. They provide quality education
and are strategic in their educational approach which focuses on leadership,
fortitude, and achievement. I could not have found him a better place to help
him build structure and discipline than this school! Thank you Ed Connect for all
that you do and have done to offer me and other parents like me the opportunity
for better school options! Ed Connect helped me to see what God has for us is for
us by connecting us to an organization who cares! ☺

Please take advantage of all that Ed Connect has to offer for and YOUR SCHOLAR(S). He/she deserves the BEST EDUCATION NOW, so that they can BE THE BEST IN THE FUTURE!

God bless,
Sitara and Marvin
Proud Fulton Leadership Academy family members!