Public School Transfers

Public school transfers (or intradistrict transfers) allow students the option to attend a public school outside of their neighborhood or zoned school area, if space is available.

Benefits of Transferring

  • Can transfer to a higher performing school
  • Can switch to a school that has academic programs your child is interested in
  • The transfer lasts through the highest grade of the transfer school

What to Watch Out For

  • Districts have different deadlines
  • Random lottery occurs if there aren’t enough spaces upon applying
  • Parents must provide transportation
  • Can affect the eligibility for athletic/ extracurricular activities

Additional Resources

Atlanta Public Schools: Transfer FAQ’s
List of frequently asked questions and answers, application help, and application dates.

GA DOE: Intra District Transfers
State site that discusses what an intra-district transfer is and how to qualify.

Blog: Tips And Guidelines For Requesting A School Transfer
Blog post that goes over the general reasons for a transfer and how to be prepared for one.

Atlanta Public Schools: Student Transfers
Atlanta Public Schools information about student transfer options.